65 Free Mockups Design Resources

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Free vector mockups for various mobile devices including:
3D models are currently a popular trend in web design. 3D illustrations are very often used in the design of landing pages for apps or websites. Consists of 26 shapes, 22 compositions, and 12 mockups for demonstration purposes.
A great UI/UX solution needs a great presentation! I hope this will help you to design and present your UI design is a quicker, elegant, and realistic way.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a brand new phone that features a great set of cameras, screen size, and a modern visual.
When you are ready to show your gorgeous UI/UX designs and solutions or when you need a flat styled device mockup for your wireframe ideas, here you'll find some ready-to-use mockup to assist you.
In this mockup, you'll find an Apple watch ready to showcase your beautiful design solutions. For those that are starting designing for smartwatches or for the expert ones, having a simple, easy and fast way to show your ideas and concepts is a must.
Newest MacBook Pro 16 mockup. Use it for your web design or app design projects
Hope this will help you to design and present your UI design for mobile devices.
Sometimes, we just need a simple, modern and pretty mobile frame to feature our app design.
Use this Apple Watch Series 5 to showcase your app designs.
Meet high resolution PixelBook Go and Pixel XL 4 mockups in black color.
This is an ultimate (free) collection of the most used devices for Wireframing inside single Sketch file. This is going to save you time and it will help you to impress your clients with great looking wireframes!
iPhone 11 + iPhone 11 Pro. 10 variants
Feel free to use and modify for your needs.