66 Free Icons Design Resources

Download free design resources for Figma Sketch Adobe XD Webflow Framer Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Here's a set of 21 user avatars. Elegant and clean avatar for any kind of project.
21 free, tasty food icons for your next product design project
96 custom, colorful travel icons that will fuel wanderlust. Perfect for adding personality to your travel app, hotel website, travel publication, ecommerce site, or travel-themed content.
192 custom transport & household icons. Perfect for saving you time and adding a little vector flavor to your web and mobile designs. Use the household icons for a furniture store website or a DIY blog, or go nuts on a map app with the transportation icons.
38 free, flat-line ecommerce icons for your next product design project.
Evericons is a simple and totally free icon pack. Main 420 icons are designed on a 24×24 grid, and additional 50 icons are designed on 16×16 grid.
Figma library for the Dripicons iconset by Amit Jakhu.
This collection includes 20 high-quality icons.
Free icon set designed by xiaojianjian, with 2 icon styles.
These new 48 vector icons, which are easily editable and multipurpose can solve problems of visual maintenance once and forever. Made in minimalism, they are suitable for iOS, Android & Web.
In total there are 50 icons in the set and are available in both SVG and PNG formats. They’re all editable, scabale, and come in a choice of flat, line or colored line styles
Bold and Line, includes 48 useful icons. AI and Sketch version
Streamline 3.0 is the world’s largest icon library
A free gastronomic icon set in various formats by Pixelbuddha
The Tropical Icon Set includes individual icons of palm trees, beach balls, cocktails, surfboards, waves, ice creams, bikinis, suntan lotions… everything you would expect to see and use on a warm tropical vacation.